Kansas City Chiefs: Who’s the breakout player in 2015?


Other than winning football games, one of the most exciting things for Kansas City Chiefs fans is seeing which players emerge as stars in the National Football League. Last year, Travis Kelce began his trek to becoming a household name. In 2013, it was Dontari Poe coming on in a big way. This year? It’s anyone’s guess.

There are a few obvious candidates in De’Anthony Thomas and Phillip Gaines. Thomas is likely to see an increased role and is now going to be featured as the primary slot receiver. Gaines had a very nice rookie season and from all reports, is having a monster spring. Still, I’m going in a different direction.

My pick is Albert Wilson, and I have my reasons.

Wilson came into the league as an undrafted rookie last year out of Georgia State, but started to see real time over the last quarter of the season. For the year, Wilson racked up 16 catches for 260 yards. The numbers are small, but so was the sample size.

Wilson will have one-on-one matchups all day in this offense with Jeremy Maclin and Kelce drawing the defense on passing plays. With his top-end speed and solid hands, Wilson is going to see plenty of passes his way because Alex Smith will read the defense, see the safeties rolling toward Maclin, and make the smart throw.

Last year, the Chiefs rarely went deep because they didn’t have the ability to do it. Kansas City was hamstrung by a bad offensive line and slow receivers. With Maclin, Wilson and an improved front, don’t be surprised if we see an entirely different offense in 2015. More than anybody else, I expect Wilson to benefit from this shift.

What do you have, Addicts? Is Wilson the right pick, or did I screw this one up? Let us know in the comments.