Don’t be surprised if … the Chiefs win it all

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Don’t be surprised if … Kansas City jumps 15 spots up the defensive run-stopping rankings.

One could simply apply the adage, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” to surmise that the run defense will get fixed in 2015. However, one must first have the necessary pieces to oil for that saying to work.

“Stopping the run is a mind set.” I’ve heard a number of defensive players and coaches make this assertion. However, it also takes athletes and a scheme to make it happen as well. In 2013, the defensive scheme (and players) allowed too many long passes. Passes that ultimately burned them one too many times. See the Colts game. On second thought, don’t see it, it’ll only make you want to jump off a bridge.

So, how did the organization respond to that? They cut the right defensive backs. Then drafted and signed some good ones. Then schemed to stop the deep ball, thereby opening up a lane or two through the middle of their defense through which a truck could drive from time to time. That’s how you end up 28th in the league in rushing defense even though your passing defense ranked second. Number two. El numero dos! Wow, such polar opposites: 28th and 2nd; those numbers just don’t go together. So, how do you think the Chiefs intend to make an adjustment this year?

Mindset. Scheme. Or, personnel. One way or the other… don’t be surprised to see the Chiefs’ run defense in the top half of the league this year. Not the bottom half. But, don’t expect their pass defense to fall off either.

What do you think, Addict fans? What do you think will surprise people about the Chiefs in 2015?