Don’t be surprised if … the Chiefs win it all

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Don’t be surprised if … Justin Houston is gone, baby, gone in two years.

The Kansas City Chiefs tag him twice and try to trade him or let him walk.

When you think back over the recent history of Branden Albert and Rodney Hudson, this regime has the history of not paying top dollar for players at any position. Andy Reid’s Eagles didn’t go down that road and John Dorsey’s days with the Green Bay Packers shows the same mentality. With perhaps the exception of Aaron Rodgers, there hasn’t been player that their teams went out and set the market standard for. Is that what Justin Houston and his agent are asking for? Probably.

Unless the Kansas City Chiefs make it to, or win, the Super Bowl this year or next, Houston may have little motivation for staying put. Although, with a Super Bowl appearance and the worldwide recognition of being the best defensive player on one of the best defenses in the league, Houston may actually have more suitors, and consequently more REA$ON$, to leave.

The “reasons” you have to come up with for the “whys” that a player would want to accept less money to stay with the team that drafted them doesn’t hold much attraction for free agents in this era. The team-friendly deal Tamba Hali gave the Chiefs, presumably with the idea that it would help to re-sign Justin Houston, is a rare event among pro athletes. Then again, how many times do you see an owner extending themselves (like Hali) to make a signing happen? The problem then becomes the players union because if an owner simply feels like paying a player he likes, he really ends up setting a new standard of payment among all players who play that position across the league. So, while Hali’s gesture is incredibly noble — even if you interpret it as a self-motivated act to win a championship — it isn’t something owners can duplicate because of the way players have organized themselves. I’m in no way saying they shouldn’t have organized themselves over the years, in fact, they must do so, but it has created a totally different atmosphere in pro sports than 50 years prior — an atmosphere in which Justin Houston may be playing for another team in 2017.

So, don’t be surprised if Justin Houston is tagged this year and next, then plays for another team two years from now.

Of course, the Chiefs will have won a Super Bowl by then so maybe Justin will want to stay in good ol’ KC for old time’s sake.

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