Andy Reid is key to Kansas City Chiefs’ success in 2015


By now I am sure that everyone and their dog is aware that Alex Smith had approximately 138 offensive coordinators in his first seven NFL seasons. Then Jim Harbaugh showed up and provided a little consistency for Smith, and all of a sudden Smith becomes a quarterback who wins 10 games per season and plays in the NFC Championship. The history Smith has with consistent coaching should be more than enough to make any Kansas City Chiefs fan excited.

Andy Reid is entering his third year with Kansas City. The third year for a coach with a new team is when fans should really start seeing the fruits of the coach’s labor. Which may be the case this year, but the future is what Chiefs Nation should be focused on.

Andy Reid and John Dorsey are building something that is shaping up to be successful for years to come, I try not to get too excited but I’m thinking New England successful (minus all the cheating). I know it is hard to convince someone who has been waiting for a playoff win for the last 21 years to be a patient, but if Chiefs fan can live with making the playoffs this year and riding the John Dorsey/Andy Reid pony, in a few years we could all be celebrating Super Bowl victories.

Now I know what you are thinking. It is something along the lines that, “Andy Reid was in Philadelphia for more than a decade and couldn’t win a Super Bowl, what is the difference now?” The major difference between then and now is that Andy Reid is no longer an acting general manager. He only has to worry about getting guys ready for games and making sure the team is rolling at the right time. Pairing John Dorsey with Andy Reid may be the best decision that Clark Hunt has made at the helm of the Chiefs organization.

Another difference between the Eagles’ Andy Reid and Andy Reid now is that this Kansas City roster is up to the brim with talent. Reid had some pretty dang good teams in Philadelphia, but in my opinion none of those teams were as good top to bottom as this Kansas City team. The Eagles did have Donovan McNabb running their offense, who I would say is better than Alex Smith. But let’s not forget that Alex Smith is the guy that Andy Reid and John Dorsey wanted to run this team. The fact that Andy Reid chose Alex Smith to be his quarterback is enough to sell me on the guy.

Now entering into Andy Reid’s third season with Kansas City, and Alex Smith having the same coach and system for two full seasons, the Chiefs offense should be ready to make things happen in 2015. With a majority of the roster having been here for the last three seasons, it is no longer acceptable to use the “new system” excuse. The fact that there was even a “new system” excuse for the last two years and the Chiefs averaged 10 wins, is more than enough to make me happy with Andy Reid.