Jamaal Charles to be roasted by Andy Reid, others


When Jamaal Charles and football are involved, it is usually Charles making someone else feel bad about who they are. On June 13, the Kansas City Chiefs running back will have to sit there and take the punishment, when a host of NFL players and coaches get to roast him at an event in his hometown of Port Arthur, Texas, per the Port Arthur News.

Among those who will be roasting Charles include Seattle Seahawks free safety Earl Thomas, former University of Texas teammate and NFL quarterback Vince Young, Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Wade Phillips (if I was Wade, I’d be careful) and Kansas City’s head coach, Andy Reid. To say I’m looking forward to hearing about some of Reid’s jokes would be an understatement of the highest order.

Charles seems like the type of guy who can laugh at himself, based off of clips of him at press conferences and other events. It should be a heck of a time for those in attendance, watching Reid blast his best player. Reid has a great sense of humor, something he will get to showcase in a big way on that night.

I’m curious to see if any of the other Chiefs players show up. My best guess would be Derrick Johnson makes it, considering he is also a University of Texas legend and lives close to that area. Other than that, it is tough to say.

This news also got me thinking: if you could see one Kansas City player getting roasted up on stage, who would you pick and why? I think it would be hilarious to see Dontari Poe up there. Poe seems like a good dude and there have to be a million stories about him trying to stay away from barbeque.

Let us know who you would want to see, Addicts.