Notes from Chiefs OTAs and the future of Alex Smith and Sean Smith


On this episode of Roughing the Kicker, Joshua Brisco recaps the first week of Chiefs OTAs, revisits last week’s debates surrounding Alex Smith and Sean Smith, and touches on news from around the league that impacts the Chiefs, including the Broncos’ devastating loss.

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Last week’s episode was the most-commented-on edition of Roughing the Kicker of all time. Apparently some people disagree about Alex Smith. In this episode, I take on claims from the extremely-pro and extremely-anti Alex Smith camps and explain why Smith should have high expectations as we all maintain high hopes for these Chiefs.

On the lighter side of the comments, a great discussion broke out about Sean Smith and his place on this team in the future. I argue that the Chiefs cannot afford to wait for Smith to hit free agency, but giving him a contract extension now (as Justin Houston remains unsigned) seems unlikely and potentially unwise.

You have to decide right now: What do you do with Sean Smith? Pay him now, plan on letting him walk after this season, or gamble on the year and try to keep up in free agency?

On the more immediate side of the Chiefs world, week one of OTAs has come to a close, and there is a nice whirlwind of things to take note of, including one bit of news that hyped up the anti-Eric Fisher fan club. (Spoiler alert: I think it’s overreacting.) The Denver Broncos are the AFC West team who had the biggest news from the left tackle position, as Pro Bowler Ryan Clady will miss the entire 2015 season with a torn ACL. This loss is huge for the Broncos, who absolutely must keep Peyton Manning upright and healthy throughout the season.

As you listen to the show or even as you take in Chiefs news and banter throughout the week, use this show’s comment section as your forum for discussion, ideas, and opinions. I plan to continue using your comments to help keep the show relevant and interesting throughout the offseason, covering the issues that Chiefs fans really care about.

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