The Kansas City Chiefs are legitimate contenders if…


On this episode of Roughing the Kicker, Joshua Brisco explains what the Chiefs need in order to become legitimate Super Bowl contenders, discusses the major news in Kansas City and around the AFC West, looks into the issue of the National Guard paying NFL teams as sponsors, and talks about Tom Brady’s suspension.

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While trying to figure out if the 2015 Kansas City Chiefs will be a legitimate contender to win the division, playoff games or a Super Bowl, I turned to MNchiefsfan’s three questions to ask to determine the team’s staying power. On this episode of the show, I answer his three questions with reasons and expectations of my own. It turns out that I fearfully believe that the Chiefs’ fate may rest on Eric Fisher and whoever plays right tackle.

Last year, the Chiefs had three monstrous holes: offensive line, wide receiver, and run defense.

With Derrick Johnson returning from injury and two rookies (Ramik Wilson and D.J. Alexander) joining the inside linebacking core, the Chiefs addressed the run defense with a hammer.

With Jeremy Maclin and Chris Conley joining the team as Dwayne Bowe left, the wide receivers become much more hopeful. (Shoutout to Da’Rick Rogers, seventh-round pick Da’Ron Brown and the UDFAs for having a shot.)

The edges of the offensive line have been addressed more… gingerly. While I have faith in the inside, built with Ben Grubbs, Mitch Morse and Zach Fulton, the tackles remain more worrisome. (Listen to the show for my breakdown of why I have faith in Zach Fulton and why I believe he is underrated by Chiefs fans.)

However, as I addressed way back in January, Eric Fisher’s career path (so far) lines up with Cowboys Pro Bowl left tackle Tyron Smith.

After Tyron Smith’s second season and first year at left tackle, this is how Pro Football Focus described the Cowboys offensive line: “The Cowboys have put some money into their line recently, but the return just wasn’t there in 2012. Tyron Smith had an at times awkward first year at left tackle.”

After Fisher’s second year and first year on the left, you could replace “Tyron Smith” with “Eric Fisher” and the only difference would be that the Chiefs put basically no money into their line. Year three/year 2 at left tackle will be a huge measuring stick for Fisher. With Ben Grubbs (a real NFL guard) beside him for the first time, Fisher’s expectations and performance must be high.

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