Kansas City Chiefs: the top sleepers on the 2015 roster

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D.J. Alexander

I’m still scratching my head over the Ramik Wilson pick. His personality and work ethic make him an easy guy to root for, but he’s too tardy in reads to be a weak inside linebacker, and he gets manhandled too often to be a thumper.

Regardless, any faith I lost was restored when Dorsey selected D.J. Alexander.

Kansas City’s (first) fifth-round selection is a 233-pound bullet train without brakes. He didn’t have a lot of pre-draft hype—some analysts didn’t even have him on their board, but after watching him play, it’s easy to see why Dorsey plucked him.

Obviously, he’s not flawless. At times, Alexander’s playmaking mentality backfires, resulting in him abandoning back-side responsibilities. And there isn’t enough film to accurately gauge his coverage skills.

The linebacker’s pros dwarf his cons, though. He processes information in a snap, storms gaps with no hesitation and causes havoc on a regular basis.

He still needs a few coats of polish, but Alexander can play either inside linebacker position and do so effectively.