Chiefs rookie minicamp: Four things to watch


The Kansas City Chiefs begin their annual rookie minicamp on Saturday, May 16 before concluding the session on Monday, May 18. This year will get plenty of attention with a whopping nine draft picks showing up to the proceedings, led by first-round corner Marcus Peters.

Below, we go over four things that you should be watching for this weekend with the youngsters hitting the field:

1. Injuries

Cross everything you can possibly cross. The Jacksonville Jaguars suffered a huge blow to their 2015 season with third-overall selection Dante Fowler Jr. going down with a torn ACL, ending his season. This is something Kansas City can’t afford. Unfortunately, stuff happens. With the Chiefs hoping to make a run in the AFC West and perhaps the AFC in general, they need all hands on deck.

2. The UDFAs

Everybody always forgets about the undrafted rookie-free agents. It’s easy to overlook a group that usually doesn’t produce much in the way of quality. However, there are exceptions and occasionally, notable ones. Last season, the Chiefs were able to find Albert Wilson. In the past, guys like Tony Richardson and Brian Waters were unearthed. Maybe Bo Wallace becomes Joe Montana? A man can dream.

3. Who balls out?

Two years ago, people were simply losing their minds over Travis Kelce at the rookie minicamp. Reporters were breathlessly tweeting about his exploits. In 2014, Kansas City was excited about Dee Ford, who flashed potential in limited time last year. Who will it be this season? Peters or somebody down the line who turns out to be a steal?

4. Do we get any hilarious quotes?

We will undoubtedly hear from some of the players and coaches. Head coach Andy Reid is usually in a good mood, having plenty of interesting takes on both himself and the media members. Then there are the rookies. Is somebody in love with their own voice? Does somebody make a funny comment which becomes a catch phrase in Chiefs circles?