Kansas City Chiefs: first-year projections for the 2015 rookie class

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Mitch Morse

Selecting Mitch Morse in the middle of the second round is like getting screwed at the car dealership. You scored something you like, you get home and you go, “What the [bleep] did I just do?”

Whether it’s at center or guard, I have the upmost confidence that Morse will be a long-time starter for the Chiefs. But in all likelihood, they could’ve waited, traded down or picked someone else and traded up in the third to grab him.

Plus, Jake Fisher was still on the board, and right tackle is just as much of a mystery as center and right guard. (Feel free to look up Jeff Allen’s and Donald Stephenson’s Pro Football Focus grades and/or watch film of them being humbled on a per-series basis.)

Regardless, Morse is a versatile, intelligent, technically solid lineman who’s fairly effective in space. He can play all three positions—although, his length will probably prevent him from playing tackle—and will compete for a starting spot on Day 1.

2015 Projection: Wins the starting job at right guard and doesn’t give it up.