Kansas City Chiefs 2015 schedule: Blessing or curse?

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Ladies and gentlemen, the draft is over. And in the last week, there has been an inundation of coverage of what it all means for the Kansas City Chiefs (and every other team in the league). Whether you are looking for draft grades or heartwarming human-interest stories of the rookies, you can find about any angle you want. It’s all out there.

And that is why I am ignoring the draft in this piece.

Instead, I want to look forward to the time when some of last weekend’s new Chiefs will actually get a shot to play an NFL game. Specifically, what is going on with Kansas City’s 2015 regular season schedule?

For reference, it is below (an “*” denotes primetime games).

  1. Sun., Sept. 13, @ Houston
  2. Thu., Sept. 17, vs. Denver*
  3. Mon., Sept. 28, @ Green Bay*
  4. Sun., Oct. 4, @ Cincinnati
  5. Sun., Oct. 11, vs. Chicago
  6. Sun., Oct 28, @ Minnesota
  7. Sun., Oct. 25, vs. Pittsburgh
  8. Sun., Nov. 1, vs. Detroit (London)
  9. BYE
  10. Sun., Nov. 15, @ Denver
  11. Sun., Nov. 22, @ San Diego*
  12. Sun., Nov. 29, vs. Buffalo
  13. Sun., Dec. 6, @ Oakland
  14. Sun., Dec. 13, vs. San Diego
  15. Sun., Dec. 20, @ Baltimore
  16. Sun., Dec. 27, vs. Cleveland
  17. Sun., Jan. 3, vs. Oakland

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What do you notice when you look at that?

The first wave of emotion may be excitement that the Chiefs are scheduled for three different primetime games (one each on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday night). That seems pretty incredible as, personally, I have often felt Kansas City is given the short end of the stick when it comes to getting to play in night games (I have not done any research to confirm that feeling, but I doubt I am alone).

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