Video: Kansas City Chiefs in offseason program


The Kansas City Chiefs are in the second phase of their offseason program. After completing phase one in April, the Chiefs are now on the field (without pads) and going through some individual drills.

On Wednesday, Chiefs reporter BJ Kissel is doing us all a huge favor and creating Vines for Twitter. For the first time this year, we can watch some of the players going through drills, even if for only a few seconds. Let’s run them down.

Working on footwork…

Getting to see how quick Eric Kush and Zach Fulton are on their feet…

Eric Fisher and Jeff Allen pushing a sled that I couldn’t move if I had all day…

This is my favorite of all the videos. Look at how agile both Alex Smith and Chase Daniel are in this drill. It truly shows how athletic some of these guys are.

We are not into the OTAs yet, which do not start until May 26. There will be three OTAs which are voluntary, ranging from May 26-28, June 2-4 and June 9-12. This is followed by a mandatory minicamps from June 16-18, which outside linebacker Justin Houston will likely skip and cause mass panic.

The rookie minicamp is from May 16-18, giving us our first glance at the nine draft picks along with the multitude of undrafted rookie-free agents. It’s always interesting to see which one of the under-the-radar kids sticks out to the coaching staff, perhaps getting a little leg up before training camp begins in late July.