Kansas City Chiefs: wallpapers for the Day 1 and Day 2 rookies

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If John Dorsey was capable of feeling human emotion, I’d hug him. The Kansas City Chiefs GM nailed the 2015 draft.

Don’t get me wrong; all things considered, it wasn’t perfect. But looking at the roster, there are only two positions—right tackle and strong-side inside linebacker (Ramik Wilson is better suited for a weak-side role)—that are glazed in skepticism.

Some ticket holders will scan the list of draftees, feel underwhelmed by the “star power” and write the entire process off as a failure. Those those same people rock sauce-stained Travis Kelce jerseys and swoon over Phillip Gaines, despite being clueless to their existence prior to their respective drafts.

If football were a popularity contest, Tebow’s draft-day suit would’ve been a gold jacket. When your passes look like drunken frisbees, though, star power tends to fly out the window.

The same holds true for every position. Reputation can get your foot in the door, but talent is the golden ticket. And Kansas City’s latest class of rookies packs no shortage of the latter.

This edition of Chiefs wallpapers shines the spotlight on the team’s nine selections.