NFL Draft 2015: Grading The Kansas City Chiefs

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As a die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fan, nothing compares to watching my favorite team play football, but after watching the Chiefs take the field, my second favorite sporting event is the NFL Draft. It’s a lot like being a little kid at Christmas. You spend a month or two making a wish list and hoping you get everything you want. Some years the big day comes, and you can hardly contain the excitement over all the new “toys” you came away with. Other years you feel like you ended up with coal in your stocking while all the other kids on the block got PlayStations and iPads. There may not be a more unpredictable sports-related event. Things never go exactly how you expect and every year, your team takes a player you’ve never even heard of while one of your favorite prospects is sitting right there.

To make matters worse, there is no way to know how well a draft went right after it happens. Every draft has players that were seen as sure-fire superstars that fall flat and no-name, late-round selections that go on to have great careers. Given that knowledge, you may be asking why I would even do a post-draft grade card for the Chiefs 2015 draft class. The answer is that these kind of things are exactly what make team blogs so fun. We spend months looking for prospects that we like and prioritizing what positions need to be addressed, so naturally once its over we’re going to evaluate how we think they did.

I always roll my eyes when draft “experts” refuse to grade draft classes and respond with some variation of “I’ll let you know in three years.” Obviously, we’ll be able to assess how the draft went in three years when the players have had a chance to prove their worth on the field. I fully understand that a draft grade is subjective and speculative at this point, but it’s also FUN and that’s what sports are supposed to be all about. Before the season starts if someone asks you what you think the Chiefs’ record will be, you say, “I’ll let you know in 17 weeks.” NO!!! You make an educated guess and that’s exactly what post-draft grades are. So don’t let any high and mighty sports fans suck the fun out of grading draft classes. Read away, enjoy, agree, disagree, argue why your grade is right and mine is wrong. That’s what you’re at a Chiefs blog for.

So let’s get started…..

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