NFL Draft 2015: Taking on Teicher’s Draft Grade of the Kansas City Chiefs

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However, Adam Teicher goes on to point out that the Chiefs made a gross error with their first round selection.

"“Another problem with the Chiefs draft is that first pick Marcus Peters, was thrown off his team at the University of Washington for behavioral issues. He had some confrontations with assistant coaches. So, that makes him a very risky pick.”"

When you consider the legal problems other draft prospects brought to the table this year, Teicher’s response to Peters appears to be a bit of an overreaction.

If you’ve listened to any of what either John Dorsey, Andy Reid, or Marcus Peters have had to say about this “conflict” Peters had with his assistant coaches, you’d likely be convinced he’s a good guy who flew off the handle… and it cost him. Actually, his mistake is now to the Chiefs great benefit… just as Justin Houston’s combine week “mistake” has become an asset to the Chiefs.

Beyond that, Peters family… both his mother and father… provide a sense of stability about Marcus which is something Teicher appears to have missed out on. Peters mother is a teacher… and disciplinarian… and his father is a coach… and disciplinarian… and when Marcus Peters sat down to talk about his inappropriate reaction to the assistant coaches, he not only apologized but has expressed the kind of regret which comes accompanied by real reflection and an enlightened perspective on the situation.

What more would you ask of a young person?

Perhaps Adam Teicher’s “inner-cynic” has gotten the best of him. So much so that he’s ceased listening to what appears to be a heartfelt demonstration of compunction.

When Adam Teicher began his post by saying “You have to admire the tenacity the Chiefs showed in this year’s draft” he was really being disingenuous… meaning, that’s not what he really means at all. False flattery is not the highest form of critique. I’m not so sure it even works as a form of critique at all.

The reality is, you can’t truly grade a draft until you’re three years down the line but, since we’re in the business of doing just that, Teicher’s grade seems unfounded.

Instead of grades, perhaps we can just say how “hopeful” a draft class makes us feel. I’d say somewhere between B + and A – but ask me again in three years and I’ll tell you for sure.

In the meantime,

R1: CB Marcus Peters reminds me of Dale Carter without all his baggage. His ability to mirror is tops in this class without a doubt.

R2: OC Mitch Morse from Missouri gives the Chiefs a flexible offensive lineman who can at minimum, provide Eric Kush with a solid back-up at the Center position.

R3: WR Chris Conley is an unrated and under utilized wideout from Georgia. However, his measurables are mostly in the freak range.

C3: CB Steven Nelson is another corner with attitude and should help give the Chiefs defensive backfield a reputation in years to come. Hopefully that’s not a reputation for flags.

R4: ILB Ramik Wilson is a hard hitting linebacker who prefers to go around blockers instead of through them. They said the same thing about DJ when he came out but Wilson doesn’t appear to have DJ’s pedigree.

R5: LG Ben Grubbs (via trade)

C5: ILB D.J. Alexander concerns me because of the “DJ” linebacker confusion thingy… but any human who goes 6-2, 233 and can run the 40 in 4.46 should be considered armed and dangerous… which is exactly why he can play for my team any day any time… if I had a team.

C5: TE James O’Shaughnessy’s father was a basketball player and his mother ran track so it makes sense that he’s into football right? CBS Sports says he’s an intriguing athlete but needs work on his blocking.

R6: traded for a chance to move up in the third and to take WR Chris Conley

C6: DT Rakeem Nunez-Roches is 6-2 and goes 307 and was described by the ESPN draft day crew as a great value at pick #217. He speaks Garifuna and is the grandson of a former mayor of Belize but more importantly, he’s got good feet. His quick feet is likely the reason Dorsey brought him into the fold.

R7: WR Da’Ron Brown is a quick wideout who is the prescribed size (6-0, 205) that Andy Reid loves. He was on the preseason Biletnikoff Award watch list for the best college wide receiver in the country. He runs in the  4.4 to 4.5 range for the 40 but has the ability to get open and possess good hands. What more could you ask of a west coast offense receiver? Oh yea, there’s this… he scored 19 touchdowns while playing wide receiver for Northern Illinois. That might come in handy at the next level.

Dane Brugler says the Chiefs “nailed” this draft while Adam Teicher might say the Chiefs “screwed” this one.

I’m with Dane Brugler on this one.

What do you say Addict fans?