NFL Draft 2015: Combing over the Kansas City Chiefs’ draft, pick by pick

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CB Steven Nelson, 5-foot-10, 197 lbs., Oregon State

Steven Nelson is a defensive back I’ve loved since I first laid eyes on him. That’s right, love at first sight, but I never thought the Chiefs would actually draft him because of what has seemed to be their trend of taking bigger guys. Nelson runs anywhere from a 4.33 to a 4.43 40-yard dash and is quicker than he is fast. He’s another DB who plays with an attitude and will come up and knock you on your keester in the running game.

The Chiefs are likely to use Steven Nelson to cover the slot receiver and his skills appear well-suited for him to do that. CBS Sports says Nelson, “Panics in man coverage and will get grabby (second-most penalized senior cornerback).” Drawing flags in Andy Reid’s system will never do, and he’ll have to clean that up to get on the field, especially if he wants to stay there. However, Nelson draws those flags because he plays aggressively, which is exactly the reason John Dorsey and Andy Reid selected this fine young gentleman.

The bottom line is that Nelson and Peters are going to offer the Chiefs a more physical brand of football in their defensive backfield for years to come. Plus, what many fans may not be aware of, but what Justin Houston is fully conscious of at this point, is that he’s going to be getting more time, even if it’s just micro-seconds, to get to the quarterback this year because of better coverage on the back end of the Chiefs defense. I don’t think I have to spell out for you what that means. Mmm yummy!

Steven Nelson doesn’t appear to have any trouble covering larger receivers so the following is a link to a video that has of Steven Nelson vs. Jaelen Strong.

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I am totally golden arches about it (I’m loving it)!