Kansas City Chiefs: Small-School Draft Targets

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The countdown to the 2015 NFL Draft continues for both the Kansas City Chiefs and their fans. While today there are almost unlimited resources for fans to feed their draft addiction, many times there is a tendency for these outlets to focus on prospects from college football’s power conferences.

This makes sense. Not only are a much larger percentage of top prospects found in these conferences, but it is more convenient to see these prospects in action. Small-school prospects are rarely on television which makes it more difficult to see them play. That said, every year there are small-school prospects that make a name for themselves, get drafted, and find success in the NFL. So the question is, which small-school prospects should the Chiefs be targeting this year?

Today, I have four prospects I believe would be a good fit.

Before I get to those prospects, I would encourage everyone to make sure they have read the piece Chiefs Backdraft: Steals, Deals, Men With Wheels by AA’s Ladner Morse. Ladner’s piece includes prospects from schools like Delaware, North Dakota State, Toledo, Azusa Pacific, and Tusculum College. While Ladner and I didn’t discuss this in advance, the two pieces could almost work as a two-part collaboration (great minds and all that).

On to the prospects. I’ve selected four men that range from the small-school prospect most likely taken early to the possible late-round picks/UDFA.