Kansas City Chiefs create excitement with NFL Draft


The view from my seat, Arrowhead Stadium, KC

Every year is always the same for me.

The Kansas City Chiefs get to the end of the season, and if it was not a winning effort – or barely a winning one – I always wonder, “Is it worth all that money to get season tickets again next year?” The last half of the season Kansas City went 4-4. We didn’t score many points, but only lost one at home in that stretch. The end of the year games are cold.

We have a couple of friends that set next to us in the stands, great seats near the rail on the third level, and we try to decide after the last game if we will re-up for the next year. In 2014, “we will decide later” was the default decision. When your favorite team in all of sports can’t live up to your dreams, there is a bit of a mourning period, and we know that it’s not a good idea to decide while grieving.

This year we both decided it was a go when we signed Jeremy Maclin in free agency. Some years we decide after the Chiefs draft, when the hype is at it’s very pinnacle.

It never fails, though. They always suck me back in.

The year that Todd Haley was fired I decided, I decided I would sit out a season until they also got rid of then-general manager Scott Pioli. I didn’t have to wait long. When he was gone and head coach Andy Reid was brought in, along with quarterback Alex Smith and general manager John Dorsey, I got my tickets for the season that same week.

There are people I work with that say they love the comfort of their man-caves to watch a game in. There are restroom facilities right there, the snacks are ‘free’ and the beer is cheap. I can see that point of view. I get to watch eight games like that.

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For half the season, though, I get to watch the game with 78,000 fellow maniacs, all screaming at the same time, setting world records for noise and causing the opposing offense to make penalties. There is nothing like being in the stadium when we beat the reigning champions, or the soon-to be champions. It takes a terrible season and the likelihood of another to keep me away.

They always find a way to suck me in. Here’s to such a good Chiefs draft that they suck you in, too!