Kansas City Chiefs: A Final 2015 NFL Draft Wish List

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Dec 27, 2014; San Diego, CA, USA; Nebraska Cornhuskers wide receiver Kenny Bell (80) catches the ball to score a touchdown against the USC Trojans during the first quarter in the 2014 Holiday Bowl at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Wide Receiver

Hey, did you know that the Kansas City Chiefs went all season last year without having a wide receiver catching a touchdown pass?!?!?!?!?

Oh…..you heard that already huh?

Well then you obviously know why wide receiver made this wish list despite having already signed Jeremy Maclin.

1. Tyler Lockett – Kansas State – 5’10” 182 lbs

Some people love Tyler Lockett (raises hand) and some people aren’t that impressed. His detractors will say he’s too short to play outside in the NFL and his small frame may not be able to take the physical pounding over the middle. He also has a tendency to double clutch the ball on catches which could lead to break ups in the NFL. That having been said, Tyler Lockett is a route running machine that just seems to have an uncanny ability to get open. You know where a wide receiver that runs good routes and does a great job of getting open could thrive? How about a West Coast Offense that features a quarterback that doesn’t like to throw contested passes. That’s why I love Lockett so much, dependable routes and separation from defenders is EXACTLY what Alex Smith needs in a target. Plus, the Chiefs don’t have to use a first round pick to get him (maybe not even a second rounder).

2. Justin Hardy – East Carolina – 5’10” 192 lbs

Justin Hardy is basically a less flashy version of Tyler Lockett. He isn’t as fast as Lockett and doesn’t get quite the separation that Lockett does. That having been said, Hardy also runs excellent routes and may have slightly better hands than Lockett. Hardy was incredibly productive at East Carolina, averaging 9 receptions per game over his final two seasons. Hardy would be another great route runner and reliable target for Alex Smith in KC’s short yardage passing game. He may not be a deep threat or the biggest wide receiver but you would be hard pressed to find another option in the mid rounds that is as reliable and productive.

3. Kenny Bell – Nebraska – 6’1″ 197 lbs

I believe that Kenny Bell is one of the more underrated wide receivers in the 2015 draft. Bell has decent height (6’1″), speed (4.37 forty time at his pro day), and leaping ability (41.5″ vertical) to play outside in the NFL. Bell is also one of the best blocking wide receivers in this draft and could be a stand out on special teams from day one which is essential for wide receivers if they aren’t starting. He was a team captain and outspoken locker room presence too. The only knocks on him are that he’s maxed out physically and is still pretty lean and his hands are inconsistent at times. Still, if the Chiefs opt to fill other positions in the early rounds and all the big name prospects are gone by the time they look to draft a wide receiver I would be thrilled if they drafted Kenny Bell in the mid to late rounds.

Not Making My Wish List:

Phillip Dorsett – Miami – 5’10” 185 lbs

There is some buzz about the lightning fast Dorsett possibly being an early second round draft pick. In my opinion, Dorsett is Kevin Lockett with more speed, but not near the polish as a route runner or the history of production. Let me put it this way….Dorsett had only 36 catches his senior season. Lockett had 106 and Hardy had 121. In fact, Hardy had as many catches in his senior season as Dorsett did his entire four years at Miami. Alex Smith doesn’t exactly throw a ton of deep balls, so if the Chiefs are going to draft a wideout that size, I’d prefer the more reliable route runner than the explosive deep threat. Could Phillip Dorsett be the next DeSean Jackson? Yes, but he could also be the next Donnie Avery.

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