Kansas City Chiefs: A Final 2015 NFL Draft Wish List

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Sep 7, 2013; Norman, OK, USA; Oklahoma Sooners tackle Daryl Williams (79) in action against the West Virginia Mountaineers at Gaylord Family – Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Offensive Tackle

I have been preaching since the offseason began that the Chiefs should make repairing the offensive line their top priority. Having a line that can dominate up front will do so much for the Chiefs. If they can run the ball it keeps the defense fresh and puts less pressure on Alex Smith and the passing game. If the pass protection is better, then hopefully Smith will be able to relax in the pocket a little instead of always running for his life. I believe that the Chiefs need to draft a new right tackle. If not someone that is the clear day one starter, at least a player that can push Donald Stephenson and Jeff Allen for the job. I previously wrote that the Chiefs should target a powerful right tackle that could “bully” opposing teams and I still feel that same way.

1. La’el Collins – LSU – 6’4″ 305 lbs

My number one tackle and number one player on my wish list for the Chiefs is LSU’s La’el Collins. I believe Collins would be a clear upgrade at right tackle over anyone currently on the Chiefs roster. While Collins plays left tackle for the Tigers his strength is his run blocking. I do believe he has the agility to stay at tackle (many have speculated that he may need to play guard in the NFL) but I think his physical “mauler” mentality is better suited for the right side. For those that don’t believe Collins can handle outside pass rushers, I would encourage you to go to draftbreakdown.com and watch his game against Florida where he matches up at times with potential top five pick, Donte Fowler Jr. Collins gets the job done and I believe he would be a day one impact addition for the Chiefs. Simply put, he is the number one player on my “wish list” regardless of position (it would be Brandon Scherff, but I’m so convinced he won’t be available that I’m not letting myself even consider the possibility).

2. Rob Havenstein – Wisconsin – 6’7″ 321 lbs

If the Chiefs don’t land Collins in the first round, my “plan B” would be to grab Rob Havenstein in the third round. I don’t really see value in the tackles that are likely to be available in the second round and I think Havenstein may be gone when KC picks in the fourth. Havenstein doesn’t have immense upside, but the man himself is just that….immense. The 6’7″ and 321 lbs lineman definitely has the size you want in a right tackle. I like what I see from Havenstein on tape as well. He gets good push in the run game and is a very smart player as well. You can see him wall off running lanes to keep his defender from getting to the ball carrier. Havenstein’s real weakness is that he lacks flexibility. He stays a little too upright at times and he will probably need help from a tight end or running back if he is going up against an elite pass rusher, but against average edge defenders I believe Havenstein has the skills to be successful in pass protection. I think Havenstein is probably the last option that the Chiefs could draft that would still likely start at right tackle from day one.

3. Daryl Williams – Oklahoma – 6’5″ 327 lbs

If the Chiefs miss out on both Collins and Havenstein, my third choice would be Oklahoma right tackle Daryl Williams. Williams is another “mauler” type tackle that excels in the run game much more than in pass protection. Williams game is a lot like Havenstein’s but I like Williams just a little less in pass protection. If the Chiefs feel like he can hold up in pass protection then Williams could be a great addition at right tackle that would do a great job of opening up holes for Jamaal Charles. While I really like his physical style, of these three tackles he’s the one I worry may end up moving inside to guard.

Not Making My Wish List:

D.J. Humphries – Florida – 6’5″ 307 lbs

While Humphries is one of the top offensive tackle prospects on a lot of draft boards I am not a fan of the Chiefs drafting him. First, Humphries looks like a pure pass protecting left tackle and assuming that Eric Fisher is able to hold that spot down, the Chiefs don’t need a left tackle. If you look at Humphries’ scouting reports under the “weaknesses” heading they all include something about needing to get stronger. I couldn’t agree more and think Humphries may struggle against NFL caliber defenders at the point of attack. The Chiefs don’t need a right tackle that gets physically pushed around. Humphries may be a pro bowl caliber left tackle someday, but when looking for a rookie starter at right tackle he isn’t making my list.

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