Kansas City Chiefs: A Final 2015 NFL Draft Wish List

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It is officially the time of year where most NFL fans are experiencing a mixture of draft related emotions. There is excitement that the NFL Draft is only days away and also exhaustion at the endless speculation that leads up to the big event. Personally, that pretty much sums up where I’m at. I can’t wait for the draft to start but I’ve pretty much stopped paying attention to anything reported as info from “sources” when it comes to the NFL draft. At this point I’ve also watched all the tape of draft prospects that I’m going to before the draft. I considered doing my own mock draft for you this week but if I’m being honest, I don’t have the foggiest clue what John Dorsey is going to do. So instead I decided to give you my final wish list as we head into the draft.

This wish list is going to cover the five positions that I believe are most essential that the Chiefs draft. Those being (in no particular order) offensive tackle, center, wide receiver, inside linebacker, and cornerback. Now just because those are my “essential” draft positions it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t like to see them draft for depth at other positions like running back, tight end, defensive line, and safety, but if KC didn’t draft those positions I wouldn’t freak out about it. On the other hand, if the Chiefs went into camp without adding anyone else at the five positions on my wish list I would have serious concerns.

For each position on my wish list I’m going to give you three players that I would really like to see the Chiefs draft. This will be based on having watched tape on these players and not only really liking what I see but also feeling like they would be a good fit for what the Chiefs need at that position. I’ll include a mix of prospects that could be taken both early or in the middle rounds and I’m also going to include one popular prospect at that position that I’m not a fan of the Chiefs taking.

Let’s go ahead and get started…..

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