Make your picks: the Chiefs’ record and the NFL draft


With the schedule out and draft week upon us, make your pre-draft predictions: What is the Chiefs’ 2015 record and who do they take in the NFL draft?

On this final pre-draft episode of Roughing the Kicker, Joshua Brisco predicts the Chiefs 2015 schedule game-by-game, rolls through the last set of Chiefs mock drafts (including a seven-round scenario that unfolds beautifully), touches on some recent NFL news, and buckles down for Thursday’s first round.

When I predicted my final record for the Chiefs, I chose to pick the games as if none of the NFL would add any more players. Many rookies will change the balance of the league, but until next week, they don’t belong to any particular team. So when you hear my prediction, keep that in mind before you break out the confetti or the pitchforks, depending on your point of view.

Predicting the draft is different. Even the most highly-paid and highly-esteemed professionals are lucky to get the first handful of picks correct, and no one will predict how the picks will fall all the way to Kansas City at pick 18. However, we all know what the Chiefs need. We know that they will have an opportunity to pick a top-20 player. However, a recent comment by John Dorsey adds a new layer of intrigue to how the Chiefs may be approaching this first-round pick.

Also, Todd McShay and Mel Kiper think that the Chiefs will take a quarterback within the first two days of the draft. I’m sure that nobody will have any strong opinions on that…

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