AA interview: Arrowheads Abroad

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Q: Do you believe England could support an NFL team on a full-time basis?

A: In the future, yes, but certainly not now. It depends where they decide to play their home games. In my opinion, Wembley is too big for eight games, so maybe the NFL needs to find a smaller site. A full smaller stadium looks much better than a half-empty big stadium. The one thing I am pleased with is that they aren’t rushing anything, if they are going to do it they are going to do it right.

Q: Does the NFL have a bigger following now than it did 10 years ago?

A: Much, much bigger. You only have to look at my group of friends as an example. 10 years ago only three of us watched the sport. Now there is a group of 16 or 17 that get together to watch and talk about the sport. Sky Sports has done a fantastic job of keeping the sport in the limelight. Almost everyone that is into sport knows about the New England Patriots or the Chicago Bears for example.

Q: Would you say the Chiefs have the biggest following of any NFL team in England? If not, who?

A: Not even close, I did a study for our site a couple of years ago and the Chiefs come up as the 31st-smallest fan base in the UK. Only the Texans had less fans. I don’t think it is that many dislike the Chiefs, it’s just they aren’t as well-known as others being a small-market team. Just for the record, the Patriots are the most popular.

Q: Anything you would like to add?

A: I can promise all of those coming across to London a warm welcome and a good time. My fan group at Arrowheads Abroad have two events planned for the weekend of the game. A London bus tour and a Halloween party.

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