However unlikely, the Chiefs could pursue Marcus Mariota

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I recently lauded 2015 quarterback prospect, Brett Hundley, as the potential future leader of the Kansas City Chiefs. I still stand by that, but I would be remiss if I didn’t address fully the comment by Andy Reid which prompted me to write that article in the first place.

Back in February, Andy Reid had a number of good things to say about Mariota, but remained vague and noncommittal in regards to the Chiefs’ interest. And really, the bulk of what Andy said made it sound as though the Chiefs have already ruled him out of their plans:

"“If I’m in a position to draft him — which I’m not [because] he’s going to go much higher than where I’m at — I would try and spend as much time with him as I possibly could to see if he fits into what I’m doing,” Reid said. “That’s the name of the game."

However, that is the kind of thing that can be misleading when it comes to pursuing a particular player. Sometimes the best approach is to not tip your hand on any one player. Later in the same interview, he indicated that the Chiefs had done some due diligence on Mariota: “Just from afar, I listen to what his teammates say,” Reid said. “I’ve got one on my team and I talked to him about him. I asked him about him. And he goes, ‘This guy is unbelievable. Great leader, great person.”

That kind of insider investigation could be how the Chiefs are looking into Mariota. Remember, there wasn’t much connection to Dee Ford prior to the Chiefs taking him last year.

But regardless of the Chiefs’ actual interest, there was more than enough speculation in the media, largely from ESPN’s Mel Kiper. Kiper specifically mentions the ability of Andy Reid to get the most out of young quarterbacks. To be frank, that is actually a good point. Andy Reid is a quarterback whisperer. Donovan McNabb, Kevin Kolb, Michael Vick and even AJ Feeley saw some success under Reid. So if Marcus Mariota were available when the Chiefs step up to the podium, it would make sense to hear the quarterback from Oregon’s name called.

If Andy Reid really likes Marcus Mariota, will John Dorsey be willing to pay the price to trade up and get him? Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

There is almost no chance that Marcus Mariota will be available at #18, though. If the Chiefs truly want to pursue him, it will require a trade into the No. 2 position with the Titans, who are currently lording over what is surely a seller’s market at the moment.

But for argument’s sake, imagine the Chiefs are looking to move up. This is the mess they will be getting themselves into:

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