John Dorsey: ranking the best moves of the Kansas City Chiefs GM

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2. Trading for Alex Smith

In 2014, Alex Smith tied Aaron Rodgers for the most consecutive games without an interception. After Week 1, his touchdown-to-interception ratio was 17-3.

Say what you want about checkdowns, noodles, etc., but tossing 5.7 times as many touchdowns as interceptions isn’t anything to scoff at.

Yes, he’s conservative. Add a Little Giants receiving corps and shoddy protection to the mix, and you have a recipe for one-step (three if you’re feeling brave) slants.

Despite that, Smith, in terms of passing, ranked as Pro Football Focus’ No. 15 quarterback last year. And in the biggest game of his Chiefs career, he recorded the highest single-game passer rating of the 2013 playoffs.

He’s not the world-beating savior that his fans make him out to be. At the same time, he’s a long shot from Matt Cassel: Premium Edition.