Derrick Johnson, Mike DeVito discuss their recoveries


For the first time since Week 1 of the 2014 NFL Season, Mike DeVito and Derrick Johnson were seen in Arrowhead Stadium, getting ready for a football game. Last year, both sustained season-ending Achilles injuries, calling into question whether they could return. Now, they are back in action and ready for workouts.

Seven months later, the duo is speaking to local media at the start of the team’s offseason conditioning program. Johnson, 32, talked about a bevy of topics ranging from his long-term goals to how he’s feeling today. Johnson’s entire presser can be seen at the team’s official site.

The All-Pro inside linebacker believes he is at 95 percent, only being held back by not getting onto the field for actual football yet. In terms of running and drills, Johnson believes he’s made a full recovery. Interestingly enough, Johnson actually insisted he would like to play another three-to-five years.

Johnson also talked about weighing 230 pounds, relatively light for an NFL linebacker but something that has been working for him. The former first-round pick has talked before about trying to lose a few pounds each year in hopes of sustaining his quickness despite the aging process.

Johnson touched on rehabbing with DeVito, a veteran and teammate of two years in Kansas City.

For DeVito’s part, the 30-year-old defensive end gave Johnson the same compliment.

DeVito also stated this group of defensive linemen is the best he has been around throughout his NFL career. Perhaps getting a little overexcited, DeVito said he believes Mike Catapano could make the Pro Bowl this year. If Catapano makes the Pro Bowl, look out.

With DeVito back in the fold, Kansas City has an extremely deep rotation at defensive end with Allen Bailey, Jaye Howard, Catapano and DeVito, along with Vaughn Martin. It should be a major strength for defensive coordinator Bob Sutton to play around with.