The definitive mock draft super-roundup


Regardless of the player and the projections in mock drafts – if you could pick one position to take at No. 18, what would it be?

On this mega-mock draft roundup episode of Roughing the Kicker, Joshua Brisco and Sam Chaverin discuss the potential suspension coming for cornerback Sean Smith, play the “are you worried now?” game with Justin Houston’s contract situation, break down Mel Kiper’s three-round mock draft, and go through fourteen other mocked first-round picks for the Chiefs.

Consider the typical risks and rewards of a position but don’t think about specific players. I

f you could guarantee a mid-first-round level player for the Chiefs, what position would you choose? In reality, the Chiefs will make their choice based on the individual player’s potential to either become an elite talent or to at least be a consistent starter, but I’m interested in what positions Chiefs fans still see as the greatest position of need.

On this episode, we go through Mel Kiper’s picks for the Chiefs in his three-round mock draft and Kiper presented a draft-day scenario that leaves the Chiefs with a shocking lack of offensive linemen. Among the other fourteen first round picks that we dive into, I generally believe that the Chiefs will not choose a center, may have a hard time turning down a specific right tackle, and will not take a receiver in the first round unless their name is Cooper, White, or Parker.

With less than two weeks until draft time, what position do you want to see the Chiefs take in the first, second, and third round, in an ideal (but plausible) scenario?

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