Andy Reid: the 7 best GIFs and videos of the Chiefs head coach

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Honorable Mention: Punt, ‘Stache & Kick

You’ve seen Reid’s Punt, Pass & Kick footage a hundred times by now. You haven’t, however, seen Jon Gruden this drunk with joy.

When Reid reveals that he was “12 or 13” years old at the time, Gruden loses it. “That’s unbelievable!” Chucky exclaims, sporting a shade of head-rush red that’d previously been reserved for choking hazards. “Did someone check IDs here? You have a beard!”

Gruden’s meltdown then rubs off on a grinning Reid, who vehemently assures his former partner that the tyke behind him wasn’t the same age. “You’re 26 years old, and you’re playing in a Punt, Pass & Kick [competition],” argues Gruden.

If Reid had been donning a Chiefs logo, this would be the last sentence of the slideshow.