Travis Kelce Is Outrageous On Instagram


Social media can be a terrible, awesome, hilarious and sometimes outrageous place. Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has mastered the art, whether it be on Twitter or Instagram.

On Wednesday, Kelce again gives us a little insight into who he is. This time, it includes some serious firepower.

Say what you want about Kelce; he’s entertaining as hell. The guy is a walking party and when he is on the field, he gets the job done sans the fumbling. Provided he does not get himself in trouble off the field, color me unconcerned and amused.

Last year, Kelce was Kansas City’s leading receiver with 862 yards and five touchdowns on 67 receptions. With Anthony Fasano being released this offseason, Kelce’s role will become even more crucial to the Chiefs making a run at the AFC West title.