Sean Smith’s agent is fine with hitting free agency


The Kansas City Chiefs had the second-ranked pass defense in the NFL last year. A major part of that was corner Sean Smith, who consistently shut down the opponent’s top receiver. Perhaps most impressively, Smith did not commit a penalty throughout the season, despite playing in a league where breathing hard on a receiver draws a personal foul.

Smith only has one year left on his current deal, which is a scheduled $7.5 million in 2015. On Monday, Smith’s agent, David Canter, told Brandon Kiley of KTGR that his client is excited to hit free agency should the Chiefs not offer an extension.

"“It’s not something we are interested in discussing right now,” Canter said. “If the team is (interested), they can approach me when they want.”"

Smith, 28, is set up beautifully to make excess in $10 million per year if he goes to market. Byron Maxwell was the top corner in free agency this year and got a six-year, $63-million deal from the Philadelphia Eagles after playing in the shadow of Richard Sherman with the Seattle Seahawks.

However, Canter did say that while Smith isn’t angling for an extension, he would be open to talking with Kansas City about one.

"“This city has been great for him and he has loved his two years there and he’s excited to get back and play again this year,” Canter said. “He loves Andy Reid and loves John Dorsey. It is up to them if they want to make us an offer. We will talk about it, we would discuss it but it is certainly not something we are going to push with them.”"

Ultimately, Kansas City could likely retain Smith if it really wants to. The Chiefs have $58.47 million in cap space in 2016 (per OverTheCap) and the only obvious hit to that would be signing Justin Houston to a long-term deal. Smith is a perfect fit for Bob Sutton’s style of man-press defense, making him a priority for Dorsey.

It will get expensive, but I expect Smith to stay with the Chiefs when all is said and done.