Marcus Mariota, OL Battles, and Free Agency Grades


Mel Kiper says that Marcus Mariota is a perfect fit with the Chiefs. Don’t believe the March hype.

On this episode of Roughing the Kicker, Joshua Brisco talks about the Chiefs and Marcus Mariota, offensive line battles for already-rostered Chiefs, NFL rule changes, and much more.

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Mel Kiper (and many other NFL Draft experts) seem to be in love with the idea that the Chiefs and Marcus Mariota are on some sort of crash course because he fits so perfectly in Andy Reid’s system. Mariota and Reid may be a match made in heaven, but there is an astronomically low chance that Mariota will be there for the 18th overall pick. However, I think it’s fair to ask: should and/or will the Chiefs pay a handsome price to get to Mariota? I see only one situation where Mariota could end up in Kansas City.

In a vacuum, what is the most you would give up for Marcus Mariota?

Kiper also presents several other players who he says are good fits for the Chiefs in the first round, referencing a mind-boggling statistic from the Chiefs 2014 season that I had not heard before Kiper pointed it out.

Recent reports and quotes from Andy Reid have indicated that Donald Stephenson is the Chiefs’ starting right tackle “right now,” but Jeff Allen’s position is up in the air. If healthy, Allen’s versatility could be the offensive line’s saving grace.

Free agency has slowed, and some sites have began to grade teams on their offseason moves up to this point. I argue that the Chiefs’ insanely-too-early grade is too low, and discuss three more ways that the Chiefs could still make more cap money to continue making moves in this offseason.

The NFL accepted and rejected several new rules for the 2015 season, and I think the NFL made a major mistake by not listening to Bill Belichick.

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