Being a Chiefs Fan is Fun Again


I can hardly believe that I’m saying this, but John Dorsey and Andy Reid have grabbed this offseason by the horns and have begun turning this team into a contender – and the draft is still a month away.

On this episode of Roughing the Kicker, Joshua Brisco and Ryan Landreth say goodbye to Dwayne Bowe and hello to two new offensive linemen and a safety joining the Chiefs. RTK discusses Bowe’s legacy, Dorsey and Reid’s aggressiveness in the offseason, how close the Chiefs are to being a contender, and some of the major moves around the rest of the NFL.

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Ever since the Colts playoff loss, the Chiefs have left a bad taste in my mouth. Every move seemed to be a reminder that the team I hold so dearly has not won a playoff game in my lifetime. Positive games and moves were always crushed by eventual backfiring or ultimate failure on some level. I haven’t had full faith in a coach and GM… ever. I’m a hopeful Chiefs fan, but I’m a cynic. This offseason, John Dorsey and Andy Reid are slowly changing my view of this team.

In the first week of free agency, Dorsey and Reid did precisely the type of thing that I did not expect them to do. They addressed gaping holes at wide receiver, offensive line, and in the run defense. And they didn’t just address them by signing depth players, just to be outplayed by a mediocre late-round draft pick; they spent, traded, acquired, and released players aggressively.

Big money to Jeremy Maclin, big cap hit to release Dwayne Bowe. Draft pick and big money to Ben Grubbs and Paul Fanaika, and let last year’s best OL, Rodney Hudson, walk to the Raiders. Risky investment into safety Tyvon Branch, with apparent plans to let Ron Parker take more money elsewhere.

Not only do the Chiefs seem to be filling obvious gaps in their roster, Kansas City feels like a destination all of a sudden. Maclin wanted to be here to reunite with Reid, veteran players know and respect Reid and Dorsey, and the Chiefs are still one of the youngest teams in the NFL.

I’m usually at least a little optimistic about the Chiefs, but this offseason is taking a little bit of my cynicism away, and that might be a good thing.

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