Jeremy Maclin Signs With The Chiefs: Quotes, Details, Reaction And More

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In large part, Wednesday’s press conference reaffirmed what we already knew; Maclin loves him some Andy Reid—and who doesn’t? (Philip Rivers.)

It’s no secret that the six-year vet also has local ties, which also played a role in his recent recruitment.

When asked if anything in particular—outside of the contract—appealed to him about the Chiefs, Maclin said:

"It’s not all about the money, man. Like I said, this is the perfect situation with familiarity with what I came into the league doing and being able to come back to the area where it all started. (I’m) three hours from home, an hour and a half from where I went to college. It was kind of a no brainer for me."

The subject then switched to Sundays, and unsurprisingly, Alex Smith was the first name mentioned.

While the wideout is known for his ability to stretch the field, Kansas City is known for anything but.

In 2014, a meager 5.2 percent of Smith’s passes were targeted 20-plus yards downfield. He completed 37.5 percent (8 of 24) of said throws, though, which ranked higher than a number of other starters (Matthew Stafford, Jay Cutler, Tom Brady, etc.).

You can skew the narrative any number of ways. Smith is too conservative; Smith had no protection; Smith had no wideouts. Regardless, it was what it was.

That being said, in Maclin’s most productive seasons (2010 and 2014), he had Michael Vick, Kevin Kolb, Nick Foles and Mark Sanchez under center—not exactly world-beaters.

When the topic changed to No. 11, the newcomer lauded his intelligence and command of both the huddle and team. Maclin noted, “I think that once we build that chemistry, I think that we could have a very good career together.”

Later, the speedster also raved about Kansas City’s playmakers, claiming:

"Jamaal is a phenomenal talent. Travis is one of the great young tight ends in this league. It doesn’t stop there, you’ve got De’Anthony Thomas. They’ve got some young guys here that I’ve seen play a little bit, that I’m excited to have the opportunity to try to help them move their careers along and kind of give them some type of experience. It’s going to be fun. I think the more the better, to have different types of guys who bring different things, and kind of take the pressure of each other. I think we are going to be pretty good on the offensive side of the ball."

Overall, the press conference felt less like an introduction and more like a reunion, as Dorsey stated that the wideout is back “where he belongs.” Maclin echoed the sentiment, saying that everything “just felt like home.”

He then added, “It is home and I am excited about that.”

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