Arrowhead Addict Seeks Co-Editor


FanSided is seeking a co-editor to join Brett Gering in running Arrowhead Addict.

About Arrowhead Addict:

Arrowhead Addict was the first site in the FanSided network. Launched by two brothers from Missiouri, the site became a huge success, inspiring founders Adam and Zach Best to launch more websites dedicated to NFL teams. Today, FanSided is a network of over 300 websites covering sports, entertainment and lifestyle.

Over the years, AA has developed a large and passionate following of Chiefs fanatics that check in multiple times a day for news, opinions and analysis on the best damn football club in the NFL. Though the site has gone through some changes in recent years, it remains one of FanSided’s most popular sites.

About the position:

This is a part-time job with full-time possibilities.

What does that mean?

At FanSided we love all of our websites but AA, given its history, is near and dear to our hearts. As such, the editorship at Addict is one of the premier positions in the network. Any FanSided editor or staffer that excels will be considered for full-time roles within the company but we’d be lying if we said that there aren’t extra eyes on the editor of AA.

Take it from a former editor who is now an executive at FanSided; this is a sweet gig.

We are looking for a co-editor to help us uphold the Arrowhead Addict tradition of obsessive Chiefs coverage.

Simply put, we want to find the most talented, dedicated and obsessed Chiefs fan on the planet and we want that person to help run this site.

Some of our expectations include:

-Fanatical Chiefs fan
-Strong writing and communication skills
-Competitive personality that takes the successes and failures of AA
-Ability to quickly, accurately and professionally curate and report Chiefs news and rumors from credible sources
-Willingness to post on Arrowhead Addict multiple times daily, on weekends and on holidays
-Ability to recruit and manage a staff of volunteer Addicts to contribute column and analysis pieces
-Strong understanding of social media, including Facebook and Twitter
-Willingness to coordinate with co-editor to ensure AA’s social media accounts are updated several times per-day

This is not a gig for the faint of heart. The expectations for an editor at Arrowhead Addict are extremely high. We expect the new co-editor to be hyper-fixated on gobbling up every shred of information about the Chiefs so that it can be passed along to the readers. We’re talking putting your fork down in the middle of dinner to open your computer because you just saw on your TV that the Chiefs put the franchise tag on Justin Houston and you need to post it ASAP.

That urgency, that dedication is what Addict’s readers expect and it is what we demand from an editor on this site.


This positions is on FanSided revenue sharing program. The better the site does, the more the editors will make in revenue share. Pretty simple. When the above expectations are met, AA editors can do quite well. Editors that do well on Arrowhead Addict will be considered for expanded roles within FanSided which could include full-time employment.


If you are looking to get your start in online sports media, I assure you, there is no better place to do that than right here on Arrowhead Addict. This site was the launching point for three of FanSided’s current executives.

We welcome any and all applicants of every background. Please understand that this will be a highly sought after position and that the process will be competitive. If you wish to be considered, please put your best foot forward.

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