K.C Chiefs Top Ten Players PART TWO

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When Mr. Smith came to town fans had a mixed bag of emotions about him. Since then, nothing’s changed. However, both Jamaal Charles and Justin Houston… the Chiefs top two players… were here prior to the 2013 season and since then, the Chiefs record has grown to 20 wins and 12 losses. So… the major difference? A coaching change and… QB Alex Smith came to town. From 2011-2012 to 2013-2014 the Chiefs winning percentage went from .280 to .650.

I’m not here to argue that Smith is one of the best QBs in the NFL because I can see that he’s not. He’s probably not a top ten QB but, he’s been a terrific leader who is even keeled and never gives up. He puts the team in the best possible place to win, even though he doesn’t hit on all of the throws that the league’s best seem to make routinely.

A Fit for the Chiefs

Following the season, when GM John Dorsey said that Alex Smith is “Everything we thought he would be,” it becomes clear that he’s happy with his current QB and that Alex is his QB going forward. Both Dorsey and coach Reid have shown they will continue to select QBs in the draft, so it should not be a shock to the system if they do that again this year. However, it should in no way be taken as a signal that they are unhappy with Alex Smith (you see you can’t catch lightning in a bottle… if you don’t open the bottle). Although some have suggested that Alex Smith could be asked to restructure his contract, fans should not expect that to happen. It’s usually not kosher to sign a contract with a player one year and ask them to restructure the very next. Unless Smith comes forward on his own… and I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one… don’t look for his financial arrangement with the Chiefs to vary at this juncture.

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K.C. Chiefs Top Ten Players Of 2014