K.C. Chiefs Top Ten Players Of 2014

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Who are the K.C. Chiefs Top Ten Players of 2014?

Ohhh Nooo, not another list,” I can hear the dissenters moan. However, I would ask you, is this list at all important to understanding what moves the Chiefs must make this offseason? I would suggest that answering this question is essential to gaining insight as to where the Chiefs will be headed before the 2015 season arrives.

So, here’s one Chiefs-man-child take on the K.C. Chiefs Top Ten Players of 2014, with a few honorable men worth mentioning thrown in. Plus, we’ll also take a look at how these players fit in the Chiefs future plans.

What a luxury it is to have Dustin Colquitt on the Chiefs. Being able to pin other teams inside the 5, 10 or 15 yard lines has been a major advantage for the defense. Colquitt’s knuckleball kicks are also hard to handle and the fumbles that occur because of that help to win the giveaway/takeaway game. Colquitt only seems to get better and better. A handful of other players could have been included in the top ten but it’s hard not to include one of the best kickers in the league.

Fit for the Chiefs

Dustin Colquitt comes from a punter’s family and is a long time member of the Chiefs family as well with 2014 being his 10th year. Colquitt is under contract to the Chiefs until 2018. Colquitt puts the special in Special Teams.

Woooo DAT. De’Anthony Thomas has already turned out to be one of the best punt returners in the NFL. And, he’s only a rookie. Of course this is not all Thomas can do. The Chiefs haven’t fully realized all the ways they can utilize DAT but when they do they’ll have another great weapon to unload on unsuspecting defenses. The Pro Football Writers of America have recognized Thomas’s talents and contributions this season by naming him to the All-rookie team as the kick returner. DAT’s “Give me an inch and I’ll take you to the moon” speed is breathtaking.

Fit for the Chiefs

Special teams’ coach Dave Toub will likely expand Thomas’ return duties to kickoffs as well. I like the idea of Thomas sticking with punt returns. Although he’s already returned some kickoffs it takes a player a bit more sturdy than Thomas and I don’t want to break him before the Chiefs have had the chance to fully appreciate his gifts. I’d also like to see an expanded role for DAT in the passing game. He’s an excellent receiver and his contribution there could help solve some of the mess that has become the wide receiving corp.

Every now and then a player comes along and is so good and such an excellent team player that my hopes are raised that he will remain a Chief for the length of his whole career and obviously the player I’m referring to is Tamba Hali. His positive influence on his teammate and superior work ethic shine a bright light on what it means to be a great Chief as well as a valued human being. Don’t miss Brett Gering’s article called “Hali’s Willing To Do Whatever It Takes To Win A Super Bowl.” Tamba sounds like he’s ready to give the Chiefs a similar “home town discount” that Dirk Nowitzki gave the Dallas Mavericks this summer.

Many have devalued Hali’s worth to the team to the point that they’d like to see him cut, contract considerations aside. However, I don’t see a huge drop off in Tamba’s play like many do. In fact, I believe the big reason Justin Houston’s pass rushing production was so amazing this year was directly related to Tamba Hali’s effectiveness on the field of play. I can’t even count the number of times Houston, or another Chiefs player, was sacking the QB and Hali was right there ready to sack him if that player hadn’t. Tamba Hali is still providing tremendous pressure from his side and forcing the QB into the waiting arms of Mr. Houston… more times than not. I guarantee you that if Hali is cut, traded or allowed to walk… Justin Houston’s production, his numbers and his overall effectiveness diminishes dramatically. I’ll give Hali the #8 position in my ranking… but he could be higher in my eyes.

Fit for the Chiefs

My feeling is that Hali is the consummate team player and he will take a huge pay cut and/or reworking of his contract to make room for what must be the highest priority of this offseason: to sign Justin Houston. When it comes time for GM John Dorsey to deal with Hali, he’ll see what a great team player he really is.

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K.C. Chiefs Top Ten Players Of 2014