Jamaal Charles Is Invading The London Underground


Football is coming to London, England, but it appears Jamaal Charles is already there.

In preparation for the Kansas City Chiefs-Detroit Lions matchup in London on November 1, the NFL has already started advertising for the game around London. One of those spots is in the Underground – London’s subway system – and the ad is pretty cool looking. Here’s a tweet from the Chiefs’ UK fanbase of the ad.

Come on, now, that’s a pretty cool ad. Right? (Hold your ‘It’s not worth losing a home game’ snark for a minute.)

One of the cool things about the London game is it is going to expand the brand of players we feel don’t get enough attention here at home. Jamaal Charles and Justin Houston are definitely two guys we want to celebrate and make known to the world. They are good guys, doing great things, who are also incredible football players. The more people who know about them, the better.

The London game is growing on me. While I understand the frustration of losing a home game, the idea of the Chiefs playing in London and adding more fans to Chiefs Nation sounds like too good of an opportunity to pass up. We’ll see if it works out in the end.