Cap Breakdown: Restructures And Roster Cuts For The Kansas City Chiefs

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Original Image: Chris Humphreys—USA TODAY Sports

Off the top of my head, the three worst things in life: math, paperwork and post-Con Air Nic Cage. Unfortunately, the offseason revolves around the former two.

While Seattle and New England stay clawing toward the mountaintop, the other 30 franchises, including the Kansas City Chiefs, are adding by subtracting—or at least they’re preparing to.

At first glance, the league’s CBA and salary-cap system are a convoluted headache. At second glance? See first glance.

Since the ceiling has yet to be set, there’s no way of crunching cap space. However, this much is certain: The Chiefs don’t have much (if any) wiggle room.

That being the case, a few favorites will be renting U-Hauls this summer. Per Over the Cap, the Chiefs could, excluding post-June 1 designations, free up seven digits in cap room by cutting any of the following names:

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Obviously, a number of those players are cemented on next year’s roster. I’ll climb out on a limb and say that John Dorsey isn’t cutting Jamaal Charles tomorrow.

However, dismissals aside, a handful of stars can still help the team’s cap quandary.

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