A Revealing Chiefs 7 Round Mock

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WRs Sammie Coates and Rashad Greene could serve as the Chiefs numbers 1 & 2 for years to come and offer the opportunity for the Chiefs to release Dwayne Bowe outright. In fact, because there are so many very good wideouts in this year’s coming draft, the likelihood rises that Dwayne Bowe will be one of the players the Chiefs cut ties with to clear up cap space. Although, GM John Dorsey indicates that he loves Dwayne Bowe, his work ethic and his attitude.

Reinstated U.S.C. CB Josh Shaw, if you haven’t heard, was suspended from the team for lying about “jumping from a second story balcony to save his nephew from drowning” and that being the reason he broke both ankles. Shaw later explains the truth,

"“We were not on good terms when she left, I thought she had somebody call authorities. I was thinking the worst. If she did say anything, I’m a black man with dreadlocks, and with everything going on in the country at the time, all that stuff in St. Louis (Ferguson, Mo.) … in my mind, I’m going to leap from the balcony so authorities did not see me”"

Although, domestic abuse was initially suspected, Shaw confirms, “I would never, ever hit a woman.” Which, indeed, turns out to be the case.

Josh Shaw is a 6-1, 200 pound ripped defensive back with the kind length and body Dorsey prefers in his corners. Shaw had 6 INTs in his Sophomore and Junior season combined before missing most of his senior year. Previously, Shaw had been named a captain by his USC peers.

While some might see this as a wasted pick, I see this as an opportunity for a young man to be mentored… personally and professionally…  by one of the best coaches in the NFL. And, for the Chiefs to benefit from what other teams might see as a stumbling block.

In the case of A.J. Johnson, in the event that he is ever cleared of rape charges, he was supposed to be a mid-round pick but since the charges have been filed, he’s fallen on most of the draft boards. On the field, he’s an excellent player and an All-SEC all-star for two years prior to his Senior season. In the event that Eric Berry is able to return to the team, he would become an excellent mentor for his fellow University of Tennessee alum.

The Chiefs need a fresh young body at ILB. However, with DJ returning and Josh Mauga, who we hope is resigned, and Joe Mays who’s on a two years deal and coming back for sure, the run defense should be better. Not all fixed up yet, but better than it was.

Drafting Dallas Lewallen, a 6-6, 322 pound Center from Wisconsin, would be advantageous if the Chiefs are giving any thought to cutting Center Rodney Hudson to save cap room. Hudson is the Chiefs best offensive lineman at the moment so I’m not in favor of such a cut if it can be helped. However, the Chiefs need to do everything they can do to re-sign OLB Justin Houston and that may take clearing the house of anyone they feel they can replace with a draft pick. Now, Lewallen would most likely not be the starter at center but would offer a good developmental back-up to Eric Kush. I am a big Wisconsin fan of their offensive linemen program. They seem to crank out good linemen and their pro-style approach on offense, and training program, makes them head and shoulders above most other schools.

The Chiefs need to sign a top notch back-up at DT to give Dontari Poe the opportunity to rest and refresh during games. That will be another step in fixing the Chiefs run defense. While Allen Bailey will continue to be stellar at one DE position, the Chiefs will need to find help, somewhere, to either replace Mike DeVito or supplement him upon his return. How the Chiefs deal with that DE position will be telling when it comes to fixing a run defense that ranked 28th in the league in 2014.

The Chiefs will also need to sign another WR in free agency who can compete with the two that they draft… and hopefully they do draft two. With the extra supplement picks the Chiefs appear sure to draft two WRs. Keep all your fingers crossed.

So there it is… the revealing draft that requires that the Chiefs to take an OT in the first round. What do you think Addict fans? Agree? Disagree? Abstain from commenting?

Go Chiefs!