How The Chiefs Can Take Advantage Of The Broncos’ Chaos


The Broncos have… cleaned house? Now it’s time to figure out what the Chiefs can do about it.

On this episode of Roughing the Kicker, Joshua Brisco and Ryan Landreth break down the firing of John Fox, the potential loss of Peyton Manning, and the rest of the news around the Denver Broncos, discussing how the Chiefs take advantage of the uncertainty. The show also looks at the week’s Chiefs news, and the top three stories from outside the AFC West.

Ryan asks, “In 2015, would you rather have Peyton Manning or Alex Smith under center?”

Watching the Broncos lose last week was sweet. Watching John Elway clean house is a little scary, but mostly hilarious. But watching Broncos fans boo Peyton Manning off the field was infuriating. I wished they would have kept booing Manning into the tunnel. Manning could have flipped them the double-bird as he walked to the locker room, on his way to pick up a contract to become the Chiefs QB coach.

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It doesn’t take much for Broncos fans to disgust me, but to boo an undeserved gift of a top-5 all-time quarterback off the field the year after taking the team to a Super Bowl… It’s one of the more inexcusable ignorances I’ve seen from a fan base. Happening in Denver just makes sense, I guess. …So some of this episode is about that.

We also talk about the latest in the Justin Houston discussion, the future of Chiefs training camp, the Chiefs cap situation at the quarterback position, the NFL’s other head coaching news, and take a look at the AFC and NFC championship games.

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