Fixing The Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Line

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3. Draft The Best Available Offensive Lineman In The First Round Of The Draft

At this point some of you reading this that are on the WR bandwagon are probably at your wits end.

“No big time WR free agent AND no WR in the first round!!! Are you crazy?!?!”

Let me answer that by saying that if there is a run on offensive linemen early and they feel the best WR available is better than the best OL prospect available I would have zero problems with them going WR in the first round. The other exception would be if they sign a starting RT in free agency and feel there will be top guard prospects available in the second round. That having been said, if everything is equal I would go OL in the first round.

Now, exceptions aside, let me explain why I think this is the right thing to do. I don’t think that the KC offensive line needs to get a little bit better in order for them to be a contender in the AFC, I think they need to get drastically better. If the Chiefs were to re-sign Hudson, sign a quality starter, and add a first round talent they would be well on their way. With some improvement from Eric Fisher and Zach Fulton that could be the type of improvement that could propel the Chiefs into the playoffs (and possibly beyond?).

It’s early, and I’ll admit that I haven’t had time to watch much film on the OL prospects yet, but my early favorite for the Chiefs is La’el Collins of LSU. He’s the type of physical mauler that KC’s line has been missing. Even better, I feel like he could be a Pro Bowl caliber player at RT or inside at guard. If you asked me what my dream OL for KC would be for opening day next year it would be:

Eric Fisher, La’el Collins, Rodney Hudson, Zach Fulton, Bryan Bulaga

In my opinion, that OL with a WR corps of a restructured Bowe, Lewis, Avant, DAT, and a second round draft pick (Tyler Lockett?) would make the Chiefs more dangerous on offense than if they went out and signed a FA like Randall Cobb or Jeremy Maclin and drafted a first round WR to go with him but hoped the OL would simply improve with in house options and under the radar cap friendly signings.

So what do you think Addicts? Should the Chiefs go all in on fixing the OL this offseason? Am I wrong and WR is actually the bigger need? Should the Chiefs split their offseason resources between the two positions instead of focusing on one over the other? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

As always, thanks for reading and GO CHIEFS!!!