Offseason Housekeeping: A Pre-Free Agency Look At The Kansas City Chiefs

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We’re just five days into the new year. It’s still not quite time to dive headlong into my annual free agency outlook. There’s still front office work to do right here in Kansas City. If you’re planning to buy new furniture, you should probably tidy up a bit and figure out what old furniture you’re hanging on to first. Last week we talked about the young players on the roster who may have earned a chance to stick around. Today, let’s talk about the players who are scheduled to become free agents in about eight weeks.

Let’s begin, shall we?


1. Justin Houston

He recorded 22 sacks in 2014 (no further explanation necessary).

2. Rodney Hudson

Pro Football Focus ranked him as the third-best center in the NFL in 2014. He’s arguably the Chiefs’ best offensive lineman. Hudson’s also been one of their most durable starters. Since an injury sidelined him for most of the season in 2012, he’s missed just one start the past two years. Continuity’s probably the last thing general manager John Dorsey should want from a woeful offensive line situation in Kansas City, but Hudson is one of maybe two pieces he can legitimately build around.

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