John Harbaugh Plans To Buy Andy Reid Dinner, Makes Fat Joke


John Harbaugh called our head coach fat. Let’s destroy him.

In his Monday press conference John Harbaugh, who is the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens, said he reached out to Andy Reid and plans to buy him dinner this offseason as a thank you for beating the San Diego Chargers on Sunday. The Ravens needed a win and a Chargers loss in order to make the playoffs and the Chiefs came through for them. Hence the dinner offer.

Oh, so because Andy Reid is fat that means he’ll be an expensive date? Okay, John, okay. (Dammit.)

Reid is the first coach in Chiefs history to start out his tenure with the franchise with at least 20 wins. The Chiefs failed to make the postseason this year but it is clear the Chiefs are at the very least heading in a good direction. One wonders where the Chiefs would have been – and where Harbaugh would have been – if the offensive line hadn’t been such a wreck.


The Chiefs will play the Ravens next season at Baltimore. Maybe Andy Reid will have to buy Harbaugh dinner after Kansas City beats them.