Video: Justin Houston’s Son Celebrates Sack Record In True Chiefs Fashion


Runaway diesel Justin Houston strung together four sacks on Sunday, totaling 22 on the year and becoming the Kansas City Chiefs single-season record-holder.

The latter mark now ties him with Jared Allen and Mark Gastineau for the second-most single-season sacks in NFL history, just shy of Michael Strahan’s (tainted) record of 22.5.

If that’s not reason enough to pay the man, there’s also this:

Hand No. 50 a blank check and 22 Toys “R” Us gift certificates.

After setting the benchmark, Houston’s son reacts like any true Chiefs fan would: He makes noise.

No sentences. No words. Just the roars of a bite-sized T-Rex, helping his father add to Philip Rivers’ laundry list of regrets.

If you’re scouting the 2030 class of pass-rushers, Mr. Dorsey, I know a guy.