Chiefs Can Break Charger Hearts


Dec 20, 2014; Santa Clara, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers coach Mike McCoy reacts against the San Francisco 49ers at Levi

In all likelihood, the Kansas City Chiefs’ 2014 season ends this Sunday, with a home game against the San Diego Chargers. Statistically, the Chiefs are still *in* the playoff race, but if you’ve followed along with the scenario, you’ve likely come to the same conclusion that I have; the odds are stacked against Kansas City, and thanks to a couple of disappointing losses earlier in the season, the Chiefs will not make the playoffs this year.

That’s not what this is about though. Regardless of what happens with the Kansas City Chiefs and their playoff chances this Sunday, the Chiefs still have a golden opportunity in front of them. A win doesn’t guarantee a Chiefs a playoff berth, but it does eliminate our divisional rivals from the playoff race.

And that is exactly what the Chiefs need to do Sunday.

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Is it petty to root for San Diego to miss the playoffs purely because they are a division rival? Yes, to some extent. Do I care? You tell me.

All I know is last year, San Diego, by the good graces of some questionable refs and the Kansas City Chiefs depth chart (namely Ryan Succop), was gifted a playoff berth. That gift turned into a wildcard playoff win against the Cincinnati Bengals (one more postseason win, mind you, than the Chiefs have during my lifetime).

But now, given the current situation, I’m starting to look at that gift as more of a loan: now it’s time to collect. No matter what happens for the Chiefs and their playoff chances, right now, I just want to dish it out to someone else. That someone else just so happens to be our divisional rivals down in sunny San Diego.

Let’s break some hearts this Sunday. It’ll be cathartic.

Also, Merry Christmas AA.

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