Artist Sums up the AFC West in One Christmas Card


AFC West word association:

Denver Broncos: Megamind, Papa John’s, five-head, hipsters, god-awful Nationwide jingles that stick in your head like Maroon 5 songs.

Kansas City Chiefs: Kool-Aid, Walrus, “home…of the…Chiefs,” cursed, barbecue, Sea of Red, ringing.

Oakland Raiders: dumpster, fire, dumb, dumber, bowl cut, patches, Schaub, laugh, spikes, childproof.

San Diego Chargers: Bolo, twang, Texas, Ranger, Ricky, Bobby, cars, cougars.

With December 25 peaking around the corner, cartoonist Dave Rappoccio sketched a few Christmas cards. And when it comes to the AFC West, he stuck the landing.

Flawless victory.

Derek Carr in a trash can. Philip Rivers with a bolo. Pizza boy Peyton and his canvas of a forehead. Alex Smith riding a coach-like marine mammal with “BBQ Bib” and “Do not throw to wide receivers” signs.

It’s the embodiment of AFC West Twitter.

You can find more of Dave’s NFL-related art, like the following Antonio Gates bit, at his website, which may or may not have an entire section devoted to “ManningFace.”

A few more of the cards: