Fake Andy Reid Is Back and Redder Than Ever


The last time Andy Reid shared a stadium with his doppelgänger, Chris Wilhelm, the Kansas City Chiefs penned a 14-point fourth-quarter comeback versus the Buffalo Bills.

Six weeks later, the wait is over. The mustache mogul has returned to the limelight.

Redditor fett4evr shared this pregame photo of Kansas City’s favorite impostor posing with Pittsburgh Steelers fans.

Per The Buffalo NewsKeith McShea, Wilhelm lives just outside of Philadelphia, PA—Reid’s old stomping ground—but never warmed up to the Eagles, flaunting red and gold instead. He explained:

"I was forced into playing football when I was young, so I figured I’d better learn something about it. … I turned on the TV, the Chiefs were on, and I fell in love with them."

Apparently, the craze started when Wilhelm’s wife noted his resemblance to the coach, which led to a Halloween idea. That, in turn, snowballed into social media stardom.

While his newfound fame has spread like wildfire, it still hasn’t scored a meeting with the man himself, though.

Detailing Reid’s on-field demeanor, Wilhelm said, “He’s like a horse with blinders on when he comes on the field. He doesn’t look over or anything.”

Destiny awaits.