Kansas City Chiefs: 6 Takeaways From Week 15’s Drubbing Of The Raiders

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3. Justin Houston Is Still (Somehow) Underappreciated

Justin Houston is the best defensive player not named J.J. Watt.

While you can make cases for other candidates, from Von Miller to Darrelle Revis, they don’t hold a candle to No. 50’s versatility.

Take Miller, for example; the edge-rushing aficionado has played in 12.8 percent fewer of his team’s snaps than Houston, who has lined up for every defensive play in all but three games for Kansas City. Still, though, the latter is tied for the league lead in sacks (17) despite having 63 fewer pass-rushing opportunities than his divisional cohort. Houston has also engaged in 132 more snaps in run defense, while dropping into coverage 40 additional times.

Overall, Kansas City’s locomotive of a linebacker has tallied more tackles, hurries and batted passes as well, and he has yet to commit a penalty (Miller has drawn six).

PFF’s Sam Monson notes:

"Breakdown: It struck me in the middle of this game that Justin Houston is a massively underrated player, and I have been doing him a disservice by just considering him a ‘very good’ pass rusher. He was relentless in this game and by far the biggest threat the Chiefs had, seemingly able to pressure at will. Signature Stat: Had nine total pressures in the game, 150% more than any other Chiefs player."