The Top 5 Reasons Why Kansas City Chiefs Fans Loathe The Oakland Raiders

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3. Friendly Fire

To varying degrees, Rich Gannon, Albert Lewis, Harvey Williams and Andre Rison were all once familiar names throughout Kansas City. All four eventually booked one-way flights to Oakland.

Obviously, the opposite has also held true. Hall of Famer Buck Buchanan, for instance, was drafted with a pick acquired from the Raiders.

Dual-sport folk hero Bo Jackson also spent his pro career(s) pinballing between the two cities. Coincidentally, his arrival in Oakland planted the seeds for Marcus Allen signing with the Chiefs.

Recalling Allen’s soured relationship with Al Davis, Out of Ink cites a Tom Flores interview with 95.7 The Game in which the former head coach claimed:

"The only issue that happened with Marcus, when I was there, is (Allen) held out one year. Al didn’t like people who held out. He did not like that. Having said that, I also remember once, when I was already gone. We were talking about the team and (Davis) said, ‘this is a good team. You would like this team. But we need to get Marcus in here.’ That’s what he said. … I know what the rift was over. It had nothing to do with his football playing. That’s as far as I’m going to go."

Watching former favorites join a division rival is the awkward equivalent to running into your ex. Only, in Allen’s case, he ran into, over and away from them, totaling 133 rushing yards in his second trip back to Oakland.