Fazing Arizona: How the Chiefs Should Attack the Cardinals


I’m tired of hearing about how the Chiefs should have used Jamaal Charles more.  It’s time for Andy Reid to learn from his mistakes.

On this episode of Roughing the Kicker, Joshua Brisco and Ryan Landreth break down key matchups in Sunday’s Chiefs-Cardinals showdown, and several NFL officials and announcers make appearances on the show. (Sort of.)

This game is going to pit strength versus strength, and weakness versus weakness. The Chiefs have the NFL’s 30th-best run defense, the Cardinals have the 31st-best run offense. The Chiefs run the ball better than most of the NFL (when they want to), but the Cardinals stop the run on a regular basis. So what breaks the tie? I’d say it comes down to Drew Stanton and the Cardinals’ receivers and offensive line versus Alex Smith and the Chiefs’ pass-catchers and OL-on-wheels.

Find out how Ryan and I think that the Chiefs should move the ball against Arizona, how we think it will actually happen, and why the game sets up the way it does. We also touch on a few games that will affect the Chiefs’ playoff hopes. Then stick around for an appearance by Fake Phil Simms and Ed Hochuli.

(Since the recording of the show, Andre Ellington and Allen Bailey were pronounced out for this game.)

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